You Came: Emmanuel

You Came: Emmanuel


Into the darkness, into the dim

into the coldness closing in

into our stress and whirring fear

into our lonely empty tears

You came.


Into the hopeless stretching grey

into the sickness scraping days

into this world brinking despair

into our greed that set it there

You came.


Into the cuts and welts we wield

upon each other and our world

Into our screen-addicted lives

into our self-ambition drives

You came.


You left your comfort and your home

where everybody knew your name.

You set your glory to one side

and bore the chore of human life

You came.


You crossed the line from light to dark

through the midnight pitch and stark.

Into infant skin You curled 

vulnerable in this violent world

You came.


Against the tidal wave of dark

in the winter You showed up

To breach, to reach our broken hearts

To breathe once more Your life in us

You came.


Into every corner, dark and cold

Every lonely sigh and empty soul.

Into every tear and every tear

We catch a glimpse of presence there


You knew.


We didn’t need a new religion

We didn’t need a new regime 

We didn’t need a 5 step plan

We didn’t need a hero-man

We needed You 


You came.


God with us.


You came.

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  1. Peter Clarke says:

    Emmanuel. Hallelujah! Thanks, Liz


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