Poems and Pics



I heard your spirit singing through the cage of your skin,

and your soul danced all around like a child high on joy.

Freedom floated out from you and set my heart on fire,

and my spirit caught the melody and urged my soul to dance.

Nothing on the outside can thwart the dance within,

and the storms that rage around us touch nothing but our skin.

We have found the meaning and we have found the song,

So we will dance forever, like children high on joy.

imgp2969imgp2970imgp2971Running on Paths of Gold



A God Nearby

When battles fought and battles lost

roll as waves upon my shore

when I with tired and weary  soul

wouldst sink and breath no more.

When all the world seems wrong and hard and, and I seem all alone,

That is when I, fallen, feel,

The love of a God nearby.

I sigh and raise my aching lids,

prop up my weary form,

and with blurred eyes and swollen throat

look up to a God nearby.

And in the sky shines a million stars

soft quilted by the clouds,

and I know the maker of all these

is to me a God nearby.

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All week you search the skies for me,

but not once do you search your heart.

All night you long to hear my voice,

but not once do you listen and pause.

For I am a God who is wanting to be found,

I am close. I am here by your soul.

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