When I scattered the stars in space

I knew one-day you would see them,

That one-day they would lead you to me.

When I made the waves roll on the sand,

 I knew one-day you’d chase along them,

That one-day they would lead you to me.

DSC_0479 copyDSC_0144 copyimgp2970imgp2971

I was  thinking of you when I made the grassy hills,

I knew one-day you’d love to climb them.

That one-day they would lead you to me.

IMGP6230IMGP6722DSC_0106 copy

I had you in mind when I made the smallest wildflowers,

I knew you’d love to join them into chains and watch them sway.

That one-day they would lead you to me.


You see I’ve been thinking of you for a very long time,

Waiting for you,

painting sunsets for you.


I have known from the start you’d be coming.

I saw you.

I knew you.

I saw you before I saw the waves, the hills, the flowers and the stars.

I made these things for you.


So that one-day they would lead you to me…


So that one-day you might know me.




Stars Photo Credit: NASA and STScI Hubbl

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  1. Laurie Wallace says:

    Thanks Liz once again. I have some people to pass this on to today.


  2. One day years ago I was surfing alone at a wild location in Western Australia. I did not know the Lord then. But as I rode wave after perfect wave I started thinking that someone must have made that place so that I could be there enjoying it at that moment.
    Then out at sea on a boat at night, I


    1. seeingbreathingliving says:

      What happened next??? your message stopped halfway. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh..yes as I was saying, I was out at sea near the Abrolhos Islands off Western Australia on a Fisheries Patrol boat. We were steaming south at about 3am to catch some baddies and I went out onto the back deck and happened to look up at the stars. I had never seen such a glorious vista or sparkling lights and at that moment those stars spoke so strongly to me of a loving heavenly Father who was smiling at me. Lucky for me none of the other crew members saw me weeping with joy!! :))


  3. Oliver says:

    Hi mummy, I like the pictures of all the nature you took.🙂🍀🌲💐🍃🌻🌺 oops. A little to many emojis there. 🙂 I especially like the pictures of out of space! Where did you get them? Lots of love from…



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