God. Is. With. Us.

Technology, my friend and my foe! My computer decided not to work much this year and has been on holiday for the last month, but it did decide to wake up again this morning. So I am sending you some thoughts about Christmas that were woven two years before. I will write again soon, should my computer decide to cooperate. Until then, many blessings to you and yours for this season of grace and hope.


I love Christmas. The carols, the wonder, the traditions, the too-much-food-only-eaten-once-a-year.


It is the time of year I most miss being with my family, the time when living over seas is most costly, not in money but in feeling, the feeling that comes when you are surrounded by those who know and love you most.
Last Christmas was the third in a row away from all our family, the fifth away from my home country Australia. It felt like that, far and long and all too many days. It felt like three hundred and sixty five days times too many. Life had been full of challenges and as Christmas was approaching I wrote in my prayer journal…
“Is provision not coming? Are we on our own to sort this thing out? Are you there? Do we give up? Will you hold us up? … Please show yourself to be with…

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