‘Good Friday’…

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while since I wrote, because I have been working on another project. I’ll let you in on that in Just a moment…

Well here we all are, sitting at home waiting for the storm to pass, waiting for the rainbow at the end of all this darkness.  None of us thought things were going to go this way. Our paths had been all laid out on another track. None of us were ready for these days that we are plodding through, praying through, pleading through now; Stuck at home and glued to our devices wondering with fear what the next statistics will tell us, where the next news will take us.

Well, I was on another track too. I had been working on a project over the last three years, a journey over three continents, that I’d planned to launch next year. A journey in words and photographs and moments, a journey planned to take place from Shrove Tuesday to Easter week, the journey of Lent. I was going to send it to you then, all wrapped up as an encouragement in your walk, your life.

And then everything changed. Something smaller than our eye can even see has spun our world off kilter and sent our days off course. None of us are where we expected to find ourselves.

So in all these days of uncertainty, I decided to write to you sooner, sending you sooner the gift I was working on. It’s freely yours to enjoy or ignore. A weekly letter arriving in your inbox. A preview of what I had planned for next Lent.

So here it is, ‘The Long walk’, a weaving of words and photographs and stillness. An invitation to stop, to still and to stay. An invitation to bend our eyes to see the world through God’s, trailing behind Jesus on His long walk through the cross.

Here you will find stories, images, gifts and challenges. It’s all free and all a gift for you if you want it. A gift designed to spur you on in your journey along the dusty road with Christ towards His cross and our redemption.

If you are curious go ahead and click the link, and if you are keen to join in and receive a letter in your inbox each weekend (for now ), then go ahead and subscribe.



You will find this new thing at ‘livethelongwalk.com’ or by clicking on the link below…

‘Good Friday’


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