Climate Change


Have we not sold our children to the highest bidder

When our leaders bind themselves to business figures.

When politicians wake in bed the morning after 

Cheating on us and all our children’s futures.

We fought so hard to separate church and state 

But Money walks the halls of power, all in-state.

Commanding all within to fall prostrate 

to worship a god our greed has helped create.

There is no separation of church and state

When the religion of wealth rules over all our fates. 

We believed the lie that money cared,

that humanity would flourish in it’s hand.

The invisible hand of the men of power, 

Looking down on us from their high towers,

Holding their wealth in holy hallowed reverence, 

They deem humankind a poor fiscal investment.

And they would yet sell God if they could get Him 

Just as they sell the planet that He gave them,

God wanders with the refugees and poor.

Turned away from every every port, from every shore.

Set adrift on boats of poverty and want,

In a world of plenty, starving it’s own young.

While Globalisation grasps the throat of planet earth

And strangles out her once life-giving breath, 

And Capitalism, the religion of the West,

drives us all on treadmills to our death.

Do we really think that we can change the climate,

When we have not changed the climate of our hearts,

When we break faith with every creature on this planet,

And exchange their future for our short term wealth.

And our children watch our planet as it burns, 

Not knowing who or where their hearts can turn.

For they are waking from their childhood’s dream,

to the nightmare of this legacy we leave.

We have sold them to the highest bidder,

And all of our humanity now disfigures. 

As together we now watch our planet burn,

Because our leaders refuse to hear, refuse to turn.

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