To My Mother

Your’s the first heart beat I heard

Your’s the voice in foetal ears

Your’s the face that my eyes sought

Your’s the eyes that calmed my fear.

You held me close when I first breathed 

My tiny body heaving air

You woke to all my frantic cries 

You sang your songs, You held my tears.

I am all your scars and lines

I am all your sleepless nights 

I am all your worried prayers 

I am all your thoughts and cares.

You are the voice that whispers hope

You are the gentle ‘Let it be..’ 

You are the the island in the sea, 

of faces frowning, drowning me.

I am built of all your words

Your affirmations, frowns and thoughts

I am forged through all your prayers

I am the result of grace you sought.

I live in the words you spoke

I still hear them in the dark,

Speaking strength and speaking hope

Guiding feet on steady paths

You are now a world away

But still you fill this empty space

Your gentle life, your faith filled ways

Lead me, speak me into grace.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jill I’Anson says:

    That is such a beautiful poem Liz. Wow what a lovely way to honour your mum.


    1. Liz Campbell says:

      She’s worth every word and many more.


  2. Liz, moms are the backbone of the family. Your penning is a very heartfelt tribute… beautiful!


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